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The electronic debate on health

If you are a doctor. Nurse. or office administrator. If you don’t use a computer regularly these days. You’re probably several steps behind the curve. There is no doubt that despite the best intentions of medical providers. The business of patient care has become a world of diagnostic codes and insurance premiums. And at the center of it all is nothing less than a blinking icon or rather thousands of blinking icons signifying the start of a technological revolution known as the implementation of HCE. The electronic debate on health records has rage since the first adapters began to praise provider efficiency and improve patient satisfaction. All brought together in one easy-to-use software package. Whether you were the first person on your block to call this craze called the Internet or a self-proclaime technophobe who hears the word

Handheld electronic device debate on health

“Blackberry” and imagines a box of fruit instead of a handheld electronic device. It’s hard to deny. that EPR offers clear benefits to professionals who choose to use them. From a patient care perspective. Using electronic health records means faster and more focus service. Less waiting time for patients.
And fewer errors. After all, doctors aren’t exactly known for their incredible handwriting skills, so using electronic records can really help improve patient safety and comfort. As a physician with a reportedly limited budget for technology-related investments outside of actual medical equipment. You may be thinking “What’s in it for me” The first point to consider is that nothing attracts patients to practice like positive reviews and an impeccable record. But that’s not all.

Increase your patient load debate on health

Using EPR can really improve productivity within a practice while opening doors for patient expansion. Imagine trying to increase your patient load by 30 percent without the help of additional support staff? With an EPR it may be possible. Also consider the fact that by implementing an EPR you can overcome one of the biggest flaws in the still popular (though perhaps not long) paper system: billing. According to Roberta Mullin of HITECH Answers, paper billing is something that just hasn’t worked well for years, and the percentage of rejection by insurance companies can sometimes be enough to run a thriving practice on the ground. However. By running your billing through an EHR. You can avoid spinning the wheels to correct internal errors and external inconsistencies and. More importantly.Improve your statistics on how to actually get paid.

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